Unsightly and worn asphalt paving is an eyesore to your home and business. We can help you beautify the outside of your property to enhance its value as well as its life expectancy. Our sealcoating services add curb appeal while maintaining and protecting your property from damage due to salt, water, gasoline, oil, and UV rays. At CNY Custom Concrete & Masonry, we have years of experience in asphalt and paving, so you can feel confident that your projects will be completed professionally and to the highest standard. Nothing is too difficult or complicated for our team of experts. With generations of experience in the paving and asphalt industry in Utica, NY, we promise to get the job done right the first time. Our sealcoating services include:

  • Asphalt Sealing
  • Asphalt Repairs
  • Parking Lot Maintenance

We use the highest quality materials, which means you’re paying for a sealcoat that will last. This saves you money in the long run, and keeps you from worrying about premature repairs or being out of commission for excessive lengths of time. We take pride in our work and ensuring our customers’ total satisfaction before calling a job complete.

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